Pneumatic tents (HERMETIC)

We've been in the advertising business for years and we are keep bringing in new techniques to make our offers more attractive and modern for our customers. One of the new products, that we were the first to bring to the Polish market, are airtight tents, one of many choices in our HERMETIC line. You only need to inflate airtight tent once, just like your beach mattress, and without keeping it plugged in for the arch to be inflated for days. Our HERMETIC tents work well in an area without access to electricity.

Shapes and sizes:

We offer our SPIDER HERMETIC airtight tents in the most popular sizes of 4x4m and 5x5 and bigger models 6x6m and 7x7m. A wide selection gives you the opportunity to choose an airtight tent fitted especially for your event. You can find a detailed technical specification below.

Spider hermetic bez ścian
Spider hermetic z ścianami
Spider Tents (HERMETIC)
Model 4m x 4m 5m x 5m 6m x 6m 7m x 7m
Leg diameter 42 cm 42 cm 57 cm 57 cm
Maximum external height 2,8 m 3,5 m 4,1 m 4,9 m
Maximum internal height 2,35 m 3,05 m 3,5 m 4,3 m
Usable area approx 16 m2 approx 25 m2 approx 36 m2 approx 49 m2
Entry width and height 2,0m x 3,85m 2,5m x 4,8m 5,5m x 3,0m 6,3m x 3,7m

Technical data:

The legs (tent base) are made of a PVC material with the weight of 900mg/m2. It is a few times thicker and more tear-resistant that other materials used for these kinds of tents. We decided to use such a strong material because we are fully aware of the conditions our tents are used in by our customers and what kind of „adventures” they have to survive. Thanks to that, we can give you a 24 month warranty on our tents since we are sure we are providing a product of the highest quality possible.

We have designed the legs of our SPIDER HERMETIC airtight tent as one solid construction to improve its stability. To strengthen it even more we chose the specific diameters of the legs to be 42cm or 57cm, depending on the size of the tent.

The entire airtight SPIDER HERMETIC tent can be inflated through one valve, which also prevents overinflation.

The fabric we use to make the doors and roof in our 4x4m and 5x5m tents is polyester with a 220g/m2 weight with sublimation print on it. SPIDER HERMETIC airtight tents in sizes 6x6m and 7x7m are made of fabric with a 330g/m2 weight with solvent, laminate-covered print on it due to size and loads those tents have to endure.

You can also change the outside cover of your SPIDER HERMETIC airtight tent easily, thanks to a system of zippers attached to the tents' legs. You can have a totally new look for your tent in a few minutes!

Additional accessories :
Pompka elektryczna

Electric pump


to inflate and deflate your gate

pompka ręczna

Hand pump


when you don't have acces to power source

Oświetlenia halogenowe

Halogen lighting


very bright LED light

Podłoga pvc

PVC floor


easy to install

obciążniki piaskowe

Sand bags


allow you to mount gate on concrete surface

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