Pneumatic tents (fan-inflated)

If you are looking to purchase a pneumatic tent, you should give Inflandia a chance. We keep expanding our offerings of new products and solutions. As the manufacturer we can meet your individual request and provide products suited to your needs.

Shapes and sizes:

We offer two types of tents: KENDO and SPIDER. Tent size ranges from 4x4m to 8x8m. Below you can also see bigger, five- or six-legged tents. The diameter of the biggest pneumatic tents reach 10m. A wide selection of tents gives you a lot of possibilities to select the perfect pneumatic tent for your event. You can find detailed technical data of each tent below.

4-legged Tents


namiot pneumatyczny spider


namiot pneumatyczny Kendo

4-legged Spider Tents

Model 4m x 4m 5m x 5m  6m x 6m  7m x 7m  8m x 8m 
Leg diameter 0,7m 0,8m  1,0m  1,1m  1,3m 
External height 2,65m 3,40m  4,00m  4,70m  5,20m 
Internal height 1,95m 2,60m  2,90m  3,60m  3,90m 
Usable area (m2) approx. 14m2 approx. 20 m2   approx. 32 m2 approx. 44 m2  approx. 55 m2 
Entry width and height 1,75m x 2,50m 1,90m x 3,20m  2,10m x 4,10m  2,50m x 4,80m  2,85m x 5,30m 

4-legged Kendo Tents

Model 4m x 4m 5m x 5m   6m x 6m 7m x 7m  8m x 8m 
Leg diameter 0,7m 0,8m  1,0m   1,1m 1,3m 
External height 3,75m 4,70m  5,60m  6,60m  7,50m 
Internal height 2,9m 3,80m  4,50m  5,20m  5,90 
Usable area (m2) approx. 14 m2  approx. 20 m2  approx. 32 m2  approx. 44 m2 approx. 55 m2 
Entry width and height 1,80 x 2,50m 2,25m x 3,10m  2,80m x 4,00m  3,30m x 4,75m  3,80m x 5,40m 


5-legged and 6-legged Spider Tents

namiot pneumatyczny 5 nożny

Tent diameter  8,3m 10,0m
Nuber of legs 5 nóg  6 nóg
Leg diameter  0,95m 1,10m

External height  

3,95m  5,00m 
Internal height  3,00m 3,90m
Usable area (m2) approx35 m2  approx. 57 m2
Entry width and height 2,05m x 3,00m 2,30m x 3,20m
Color base:


109 1505 214 186 368 341 2925 287 655 CG 5 WHITE BLACK
Additional information:

- Possibility of implementing any solvent based print on your tent. We cover our prints in laminate which also prevents them from damage and UV rays.

- Tents are made of reinforced polyester fabric, that proves to be very strong against tears. Additionaly we put a PVC layer on it, which makes it easier to clean.

- All packed in a handy transport bag.

- Neccesary pins and ropes included

Additional accessories:
Oświetlenia halogenowe

Halogen lighting


very bright LED light

oświetlenie led nóg

Led lighting


LED light mounted inside tent legs

Podłoga pvc

PVC floor


easy to install

obciążniki piaskowe

Sand bags


allow you to mount gate on concrete surface


Power generator


when you don't have acces to power source

Additional information:

For our manufacturing process we use only the newest and most advanced technology, which affects the excellent quality and stability of our products. We give a 24 month warranty for each pneumatic tent. If you have any questions about our pneumatic tents, or any other product from our company, please contact our sales departament. We will do our best to answer all your questions. Mutual satisfaction is our top priority and we will do everything in our power to fullfil every customer order..

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