Aluminum tents

Inflandia is specializing in manufacturing advertising and merchadising tents of high quality and creativity. We are using our years of experience, skills and endless creativity to provide best product possible. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are doing our best to deliver you the best solution to your outdoor advertisment needs. There is nothing more motivating than positive feedback from Inflandia customers.We can offer aluminium tents that will be invidually created just for you. As a manufacturer we can offer fastest production time possible.

Shapes and sizes:

You can find our advertisment tents in few standard sizes. We offer two lines of our tents:

Eventline – basic, the most popular on outdoor events

Extremeline - improved durability with use of strengten aluminium

Aluminium tents
Model Available sizes
EventLine 3x3m 3x4,5m 3x6m --- ---
ExtremeLine 3x3m 3x4,5m 3x6m 4x4m 4x8m

Technical comparison of tents:

Model Leg Diameter Leg profile Scissor piece dimension Leg folding system Roof-stretching valve Material used for frame Material used for the base of frame
Eventline 42x42mm Hexagonal 26x13mm "Push-pin" with red clicks Yes Aluminium Steel
Extremeline 52x52mm Octagonal 35x18mm "Push-pin" with red clicks Yes Aluminium Steel
Additional accessories :
uchwyt do flag

Flag holder


mounted on tent legs

Obciążniki piaskowe

Sand bags


allow you to mount gate on concrete surface

Podłoga pvc

PVC floor


easy to install

blat do namiotu

Tent table


foldable, waterproof, wooden, black

promiennik uv

UV heater


mounted to tent base

Stoły i krzesła

Tables and chairs


ask for more info


Roll up


great addition to evey tent

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